New facts in the case of embezzlement of funds of MMCIS customers by the payment system Dengi Online have been submitted to the General Prosecutor Off

Dear customers!

The company MMCIS continues to take every possible measure to return funds of our customers that have been illegally seized by the payment system Dengi Online.

We inform you that we have placed on record and documented a public admission of the company «DengiOnline» of the fact of seizure of money belonging to MMCIS inc.

Despite the fact now representatives of «DengiOnline» try in any possible way to stretch the reality and underestimate real volume of blocked funds, we’ve managed to collect irrefragable and revealing arguments.

That is why based on the given facts we submitted an additional statement to the General Prosecutor Office of the Russian Federation that was took cognizance of on December 16, 2014.

We truly believe this information will have major influence on the progress of the case and promote early solution of the issue.

Now, in order to draw attention away from themselves, the representatives of the company «Dengi Online» have mounted attack in mass media against MMCIS and its former managers.

They try to present it like it weren’t them who stole the money, and if it were them, then they stole it from «a very bad Ukrainian company» that allegedly sponsored the Radical Party in Ukraine. But that’s a lie!

It’s just a try to switch the issue to the field of politics and create an image as if their seizure of the money is a noble action.

It is under order of «Dengi Online» that MMCIS is now called a Ukrainian company in all Russian mass media, though MMCIS have mainly worked in Russia.

But the thing is «Dengi Online» seized the money not from MMCIS, but from ordinary people, and 80% of them are Russians.

In other words, there is no politics involved. It is a criminal offence – a seizure of money by the Russian company «Dengi Online», and in particular the money of Russian citizens. And we will take every effort not to let those who destroyed the company MMCIS and stopped its work hold back the truth.

As before, we will inform you on further course of events.

FOREX MMCIS group Company


The General Prosecutor Office of the Russian Federation took cognizance of the FOREX MMCIS group Statement

​Dear customers!

As we promised, we keep to inform you about the line of investigation on carried out complex raider attack on our company.

Therefore we inform you that on November 28, 2014 the General Prosecutor Office took cognizanceof the statement we've submitted. The fact has recently been reported. Now law enforcement authorities will thoroughly check all the reasons we've described, and we believe they will help us restore justice.

We do our best to fight through every hardship, return the seized money and restore our work on a full scale.

We are grateful for your support and understanding!

FOREX MMCIS group Company

Application to the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation from MMCIS inc, ID 458956

Заявление в ГП РФ MMCIS inc